Video: Who Is Inkling?


In early 2015, the Marketing Communications team at Inkling was thinking deeply about questions of brand and identity. We were new to the B2B enterprise business space, and our culture was still deeply influenced by our roots in publishing and academia. In short, we were a bunch of nerds passionate about sharing knowledge and cultivating curiosity—and we wanted to keep it that way.

The team was also new to video, and eager to explore its storytelling potential. We decided to test the waters with a video on Inkling culture to see how far we could go with just our in-house skills.



Step 1: Focus and Strategy
We realized early on that we needed to narrow the focus of this video in order to be successful. So we turned our attention inward—our goal was to give a glimpse into Inkling culture through the eyes of the Marketing Team.

As we watched other B2B culture videos for inspiration, we found that the most compelling ones used a combination of interviews along with shots of office action. We didn’t need to look far for our own subjects; unsurprisingly, Marketing was teaming with charming brand advocates.

Step 2: Finding the Story
We looked to the Inkling brand pillars to help shape the video theme: Curiosity, Optimism, Empowerment, and Delight. Together these pillars dictated the tone of the video, and Curiosity in particular helped shape our interview questions. I was most interested in the idea that curiosity is what binds us together as Inkblots, and what drives us to build the best possible products for our customers. We drafted a series of leading questions and let the spontaneity of our interviews do the rest.

Step 3: The Nitty-Gritty
What does it take to direct, shoot, and record an in-house video interview?

*More on sound quality here
**Big sheets of foamcore will also work in a pinch

Step 4: Assembly
You never know quite what you’re going to get with interview footage—thankfully ours was full of natural, genuine moments that provided the building blocks of the story. I shot b-roll in and around the office to fill in the gaps and visually connect the scenes. For music, we called upon a talented Inkblot Josh Maccombs who delivered an upbeat track that set the mood perfectly.


The team’s first totally in-house video production—an inside look at Inkling through the eyes of Marketing’s own Amelia Salyers and Megha Narayan.

Inkling Overview Video

See live on the inkling blog



Videography, Editing: Chloë Dalby
Creative Direction: Anne Donnard
Talent: Amelia Salyers, Megha Narayan, Wally the Dog
Music: Josh Maccombs

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