Video: Inkling Overview


In March of 2016, Inkling came to an important realization regarding our target audience. Although the core of Inkling’s software is the cloud-based content creation tool Inkling Habitat, the majority of our customers were not content creators themselves. It was clear that we needed to reframe our value proposition to better address our target buyer—C-suite executives looking for a better way to deliver content to their mobile workforce. We turned our attention first to the top-level overview video on the homepage.



Step 1: Script and Storyboard
I worked closely with my team’s copywriter and product marketing to hash out the script. We were excited to streamline the story into three short, clear sections:

  1. empathetic problem statement
  2. how Inkling can help
  3. aspirational results of using Inkling

In storyboard, our ideas started to come to life. I presented several options to vary our shots and take our visuals to the next level.

Step 2: Cutting It All Together
Based on our script and storyboard, I sourced the stock footage, took screencapture, designed and animated motion graphics, recorded voiceover with the pros at Pond Creative, and assembled a first cut. After a couple of revisions we shared the video with our stakeholders.

Step 3: Approvals and go-live?
Nope! As it turned out a stakeholder hadn’t seen the final storyboards before we went into production, and wasn’t convinced by our fresh take. So we pulled up the old video and did a scene-by-scene comparison. This was incredibly enlightening—we learned that there were elements of the structure and visuals of the old video that still resonated, even with the change in audience. Those observations set us up for success in round 2.

Step 4: Back to the Drawing Board
We gathered up our notes and put together a new script and storyboard, borrowing pieces from the videos that came before it. With approvals in hand, I assembled a new cut—and this one hit the mark.


Clocking in at just over 1:30, the new Inkling overview video has been desiged to be a quick and easy introduction to Inkling’s value proposition across industries and use cases. In other words, it needed to answer the question “why Inkling?” without getting stuck in the intricacies of the product.

Inkling Overview Video



Design, Motion Graphics, Video Editing: Chloë Dalby
Creative Direction: Anne Donnard
Copywriting: Danny Bracco
Product Marketing: Victoria Thomas, Mike Monzon
Support: PRPL Rock Scissors

What else you got?